Sarah Black, Family Photographer


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This feels like a ridiculous honour, to track the journey with these beautiful people who have invited me to tell their stories since the beginning, and to capture where their lives are at now that the babies are grown a little.

It is a singular privilege to witness this unfurling (the selves that are still shy, the comfort in which they hold each other, the delight that spreads from one sibling to the next), to admire how they have grown indeed like weeds despite our parental worries and preparedness and misgivings, to share in their laughter but hear in its resonance that you are outside of it.

I wonder how many of us owe our lives to this infinite bond in its unfathomable depth, and that light that dances in its shallows.

Camping, 2016

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One year ago we went camping for the first time with my sisters and brother and their families, having not ever been camping people. Having not, in fact, ever really been camping. Ill-equipped and underskilled as we were (are), it was pretty (very) fun. Now, we are camping people, albeit the kind who bring a lot of french cheese with them, and who don't like to get too far away from a winery. Here is a glimpse of our Easter holiday.