Sarah Black, Family Photographer


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These are the 'golden years', a friend recently told me.

I haven't been able to stop thinking about these golden years. How they are stars colliding, as much as they are spilled milk, and too-scratchy socks, and soccer games that began 5 minutes before we get there. How we polish them with our tears and our sleeves, wearing them into beauty. Everything of worth, we have scratched from the earth.

The little hands that some days ask so much will one day reach for something else, and all the maps we sought were for nothing because the treasure was already ours.



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What I love most about summery beachy type holidays is not as much the new sights and sounds, the paper wrapped seafood dispensed from possibly suspect roadside trucks into sticky, sandy all-day-adventuring hands, singlet dresses with birkis everyday everywhere, almost-naked children who smell like the ocean, or even the cocktails permissable at any hour (although I do really really like all those things), but rather the freedom to be the people we would be if being a human was just that little bit simpler.