Sarah Black, Family Photographer

Looking Back on Now

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I wonder what we will want to remember most when we are whiling away our final days; the great journeys, the moments of largesse and of grand discovery, awards, achievements, notes on somebody else's scale. Or will it be the tiny happenings that repeated themselves daily, whether we welcomed or resented them. A stream of consciousness all teeth and clutter and task and irony, serenaded by the noise of the vacuum and bare feet on the floorboards and the laughter.

Perhaps the most important things we did disguised themselves as the least important of all.

Brother and Sister

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The space between friendship and company, the freedom you will remember in your deepest heart, the laughter that shakes your bones. The practising how to hurt, and how to love. Not something you chose, but what you have been given.

If you are lucky, it is the longest love you will know.