Sarah Black, Family Photographer

Melbourne family lifestyle photography with soul

Do you feel that most family photographers' work looks the same?  Have you avoided having family photos 'done' (which it makes it sound as fun as a root canal, right?) because you have a vision of how tricky it might be to get three kids to stand still, hold hands and say 'cheese'? Maybe you've talked it over, but never quite get around to booking it in, cause it But, what if it wasn't like that at all?

Using traditional analogue film, I offer the most beautiful photographic method available today to capture the modern Melbourne family. I include maternity, newborn, baby, child and family photography among my list of favourite things, and provide clients with the highest quality digital and fine art products.

I will capture your family just as you see them, at their best and their worst and all the magical in-betweens, the things that make you smile as you kiss their sleepy faces at the end of the day. Family sessions can capture the essence of your home, or celebrate your favourite place to hang out.  Usually lasting 1-2 hours, sessions are real and great fun (that's a promise). It's the perfect excuse for taking a small amount of time out of your busy lives to just hang out, and to appreciate what is most special to you: each other. Child, baby and maternity sessions can be done as mini sessions, and the perfect time to capture your kids is always right now. Newborn sessions are calm, relaxed and natural.  I love to place an emphasis on your whole family (you can involve whoever you like), and all the connections and the emotions running around now that this brand new person has come along and turned your world upside down.

There is no right age for photo sessions; the perfect time to capture your kids is always 'right now'. I sometimes hear parents talking about waiting for babies to sit up, or teeth to grow back, or braces to come off, but none of these things are truly important. In fact, I suspect that when we are all old and grey, it will be the quirks of childhood, not the supposedly perfect moments, which will be the ones we remember.

Pricing information for photography sessions can be found here.