Sarah Black Photography

Europe 2015

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If you've ever wondered what it might be like to spend three weeks in Europe over Christmas with 4 youngish children, then you're welcome, because here it is minus all the packing and expense (and also minus a gripping story about the snails and the flaming serviette because that was really no time for photography).

After a magical family Christmas in Reims, France, we moved on to a week each in Paris and the London, exploring as much as any family can when someone different is hungry every half an hour, and there is still rather a limited timeframe between the phrases "I need to go to the toilet" and "too late", and all the family members under 44 have negligible interest in cultural significance and/or art.

Many (many) embarrassments aside, we had a ball of course, and though we all came home exhausted, muttering loving sentences like 'I am never taking them overseas again', we have of course immediately forgotten all the hard parts because #photos, and are of course planning the next one already.

{For anyone interested in the technical 'stuff'; all of these images were captured on film, most using a small manual 35mm rangefinder called a BessaR2M with a Nokton 35mm lens, as that is what fits in my handbag. A few frames were taken with a medium format Contax 645, but this is a little heavy for most touristing. I don't usually carry a hand held meter, but if I do it is a Sekonic 758. My film of choice for personal work is Acros 100 and Portra 400, all developed and scanned by the wonderful FINDlab.}

Wishing you a Happy New Year in 2016.