Sarah Black Photography

I'm a believer

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I believe in intent.

I believe every breath is an offering.

I believe in afternoons.

I believe in holding hands, in holding space.

I believe you are more than one.

I believe dogs care with their whole selves the way we can only do in our hearts.

I believe in choosing your life's work, in scratching perfect hearts in the earth.

I believe in the kind of laughing that shakes the room.

I believe in everything you saw, and more than this.

I believe only in love.


[It is a wild honour for me to spend time seeing and capturing every family I meet, but, if, dear reader, you happen to be a photographer, you will 'get' why I was rather thrilled to be asked to photograph Kelly and Rob Brown's gorgeous people/furpeople. And you also won't need me to tell you that there is hardly anyone more inspirational (or more lovely) in the Australian photography industry, just as divine in person as you hope she will be. Thanks lovelies, and I hope these make you smile for years and years, this first one cracks me up every time.]

Sarah Black is one of Melbourne's most sought after family lifestyle photographers. If you are interested in finding out more about commissioning a natural, soulful photography session to capture this time in the life of your family, please get in touch here.

For information about the 2017 film photography workshop experience, please read more here.