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This is only half of the very talented Bec Stewart's incredible session, during which I had the rather wild pleasure of meeting her parents and siblings and their partners, and heading down for a play at Portsea after a relaxed preamble at home (which I will be compelled to blog too at some point).

But anyway. Wow.

Without a single cliche, this family were happier, fun-ner ( I know that isn't really a word), wilder, sillier, less self conscious and more completely themselves than any large family grouping I have ever met, and I found myself for the first time really ever with not enough fingers and shutters and seconds to keep up. 3 generations of ham's, pouring it on for the camera in a way that you couldn't possibly do if you hadn't had it in you forever. Stories, jibes, laughter; wrapped up in cuddles and comfort and at least 3 water fights. No one was spared. And all I could think while I watched all and tried to keep up, frantically rolling my silly rolls of 120 film, silently begging the kids not to get too wet or cold too early (too late), was "This. This is what the road looks like ahead, if only I pay attention, and am lucky. This is what I hope for.".

To be so surrounded by love. To have so much to hold. To have so much to give.

We should all be so lucky.