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On lifestyle photography and valuing what is real

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This is the difference between my story and yours; the ladybug pants and the sink baths, the way he weaves sunshine and tears, how warm and fierce their bodies are, and how soft the sheets, the ones you have worn into comfort on slow Saturday mornings, growing into yourself in their thin brave arms, and they in yours.

This was real, this happened.

Maybe you think you'll remember and I hope you do, maybe you are too busy noticing to pay attention, maybe it will only be later that you wonder 'was there something in there that I was meant to keep?'.

This is my lifestyle photography, a space to explore you, and your story, to make family photographs that will be more than a testament to how long your children could 'behave' for a photographer. Photographs that sing with love, and intimacy, that will make you feel something when you look at them, the way that you feel something when they look up at you with faces that say everything, that can turn your heart on a dime.

This was real, this happened. And only to you.

Sarah Black is one of Melbourne's most sought after family lifestyle photographers. If you are interested in finding out more about having commissioning a natural, soulful photography session to capture this time in the life of your family, please get in touch here.]

TRAVEL DATES 2017: Brisbane and Adelaide in early 2017 are now open for booking, so please get in touch asap to enquire further.