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The other week I received this note from the wonderful guy at my lab who makes sense of my rolls of film and turns them into digital photographs. "I'm not sure where your personal work ends and your client work begins", he said. "I feel like every order is you documenting your family, almost to the point that I'm not sure what kids are yours anymore".

So there it is, what I want my work to be and to feel to the families who hire me. Personal. Descriptive of their lives and loves and personalities. Theirs.

And for this family, who belong to the amazing Lisa: may they never forget the lovely day they plunged into the bay fully clothed before we'd had time to take one 'clothed' group shot. Nor the way the sand mud felt in their fingers as they crawled silently through the shallows.  Nor their siblings laughter as their parents tried to catch these beautiful free birds just long enough to steal a kiss. Nor the way their mum, so attuned in to their needs, ran for towels when the wind started to bite. Nor the octopus that kept us all enthralled for half an hour with its antics.

Truly, if our lives are anything, they should be personal.