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Family photographs

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Family photographs say that you were here and you were loved, and I was here and I loved you, and look at how we tried to use all our love as often as we could and not let any of it spill into the dust.

Family photographs say that we knew that the most important thing we did was not to make the 7.32 to work each day but to learn together how to play in the world with joy and tenderness.

Family photographs say that we took nothing for granted, but looked deeply and as long as we could.

Brother and Sister

film, family, childrensarah black

The space between friendship and company, the freedom you will remember in your deepest heart, the laughter that shakes your bones. The practising how to hurt, and how to love. Not something you chose, but what you have been given.

If you are lucky, it is the longest love you will know.