Sarah Black Photography


Being Frankie

baby, family, filmsarah black

It is the way that children are incapable of being anything other than utterly themselves, that most captivates me. I don't know why we lose that as we grow older, but sadly, most of us do, to some extent or other. I think maybe this is the magic of a family photo session (if we do it right); the powerful energy of our children transforming us for just a short while, into our truest, simplest, most playful selves. An afternoon which is all, and only, about love.

Brother and Sister

film, family, childrensarah black

The space between friendship and company, the freedom you will remember in your deepest heart, the laughter that shakes your bones. The practising how to hurt, and how to love. Not something you chose, but what you have been given.

If you are lucky, it is the longest love you will know.