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Adventures in Flinders

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This beautiful spot in Flinders along Melbourne’s Mornington Peninsula has become super popular for family photography sessions over the last year or so, and with good reason. With a beautiful protected beach below, and stunning windswept clifftops above, this is a spectacular location to explore, worthy of the hour or so drive from central Melbourne. This gorgeous family, visiting from Singapore, were keen to explore a part of Victoria they hadn’t seen before, with beaches a little more wild than what they are used to, which is part of their charm. They had the most wonderful afternoon, topped off by a beautiful meal in the nearby town of Flinders, which has several fabulous restaurants, on the way home.

I love heading to wild and interesting places for sessions not just because the photographs are more aesthetic (although tbh this is pretty much always true) but because the images that result then connect back to such strong memories, of a real experience a family has had together. There really is no comparison with just heading to the local neighbourhood park (generally filled with locals walking their dogs, and pathways that cut through scenes at odd angles, and other people’s children running around in the background). When we go somewhere more inspiring, there is no need for forced smiles, or anyone to ‘look like they’re happy to be there’, because they simply are. And everyone also seems to relax more, having committed more to the overall activity, and set aside a little more time for it. It’s pretty hard to stand on these cliffs and think about your emails.

I love this part of the world so much that I’m actually moving there in 2020, and so hope to do more sessions there in future. And for this family, I am creating a glass keepsake box filled with their favourite prints, and on the front, we have engraved the single word ‘Adventures’.

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Look after the pennies

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So much love, a window seat in the sun in a kitchen full of story, a gaggle of chickens, time (the sort that seeks to fill the hour not the year), flowers spilling out from bright corners, a chair placed just so. Life with kids free as birds on a rope swing, with dogs that found you as much as you found them, and a storybook pony, and jelly slice sweet on your tongue. Life with the kindest heart-centred children, because you showed them how to be so. The luck that is borne of hard work, the daily side-by-side in the muddy ruts, that builds the beautiful dream. Open fields to lose yourself in, and the dearest hearts to find you again. Bales of fresh hay between the earth and the sky. The horizon that hears laughter and tears, and holds them both beautiful.

Look after the pennies, look after the pennies, the secret is not in the pounds.