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Mini Sessions and Winter Lovins

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So, investing in photography is a big deal, I get it. And really what we want at the end of it (whatever that means) are lots of snapshots into the way it was, to stuff into the pockets of our hearts and winter cardigans. Less photos, but more often. That's why we lug our own cameras about to all those beach outings and dance concerts and footy games, even though it's one more thing to wedge into the nappy bag, already bulging with snacks and sippy cups and hot wheels car and the giant Minnie Mouse that's gone everywhere with you since you went to Hong Kong 5 years ago (or is that just us?).

Anyway, mini-sessions. I'm going to offer them any time, by which I mean mid-week when my kids are in school, for Melbourne families, for the rest of this year. Get in touch here if you'd like me to pop by one morning, just to hang out, and get some of those memories down hard-copy. All the details are over on the mini-sessions page.

Meantime, here is what a mini session might look like. This insanely adorable family, just enjoying a cold winter day with (as my Rupert calls this- seriously, I could not make this up if I tried) some 'lovins'. Beautiful family supplied by Melbourne graphic artist Louise, go check out her stunning work (the Australia pattern; oh my).