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There is nothing not precious

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Do you know what it's like to be overwhelmed, every day, with how beautiful the world is?

Does your heart leap like a child into fresh colours, sunlight falling on water, new hours aching with possibility? Did your old self not break a thousand times the very first day you knew your loves, and every day since? Are we not to be allowed to say out loud, how sacred this is!

There is nothing not precious; your child clamouring for your arms, unable today to step for himself; your daughter, brave as a fire, tentative as a new path, her hand in yours for now; your arms, as strong as you are uncertain, your eyes unwilling to break the spell, yet not quite ready to claim this magic as your own.

I tell you, I will show you, you are more beautiful than anything you have ever seen.


Sarah Black is one of Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula's most sought after family lifestyle photographers. If you are interested in finding out more about commissioning a natural, soulful photography session to capture this time in the life of your family, either in your own home or on location anywhere in Melbourne, please get in touch here. Limited suburban melbourne bookings are available from February 2018 onwards, so if you are considering booking a session then please get in touch asap to reserve your date.