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That winter we went to Europe instead (part one)

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The good. Mostly just the good.

We spent this northern summer (our Australian winter) in Spain and Italy, across 8 weeks. The first month was spent in Spain, with 1 week each in: a little house on top of a mountain near Casabermeja north of Malaga, Granada, Cadaques (along the Costa Brava), and Barcelona.

I don't really have much more to add bar the story the photos tell. The kids are getting older, and are more conscious of the camera, but they generously allow me to click away, and mostly I don't ask them to do anything other that what they are already doing, otherwise it would all fall to pieces. These photos of our travels are mostly documentary, I can't bear to interrupt our real lives to feed my own ego (well, hardly ever/sometimes). I just honestly wanted to record how lucky we were, and how it felt to spend all this time together.

I want their childhood, our time together, to go on forever. I know it won't, because it can't, but I wonder if these days will be the best ones I ever had. I am so grateful to these people, who chose to share their journeys with me.

With thanks also to some very patient clients who waited rather a long time for their orders this winter.

Part 2, Sicily, to come.