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The Pay-it-Forward Sessions

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Do you, or does someone in your family, work for an NGO? Maybe you foster kids? Have you clocked up hours of volunteerism in any field, serving others, just generally helping the world grow into its best self, one good deed at a time?

Well, hello you!! Thankyou!! Keep reading……

During 2019 I am giving away family lifestyle photography sessions (inclusive of 40+ high res files) to deserving families, just as a personal thankyou from me for being the kind of people that do great work in our community: that spread love, that give of themselves to make the world, in a word, lovelier. The monetary value of each of these sessions is $1400, equivalent to my Storyteller digital package.

 For free. For real.

Get in touch with me via the button below, and let's start a conversation about why your family is a candidate for one of my Pay-It-Forward sessions.

*For eligible families, please note that in order to confirm your session date I ask that a small donation (the amount is up to you) be made to the Australian Children's Ground or another charity of your choice, and also note these lifestyle family sessions are generally only available on weekdays, and I can only offer about 1 per month so there might be a little wait involved.