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My Story and Yours.

The guy who scans my images at the lab once told me that he often couldn't tell my client work apart from my own family photos, and my heart thrilled at the thought of that! That in some way, the beauty I see everywhere, every day, could be distilled down into images that tell a story so similar to mine at its heart: I love, and I am loved. My story and yours.

I'm a seeker of joy, and if you've wandered this far on my site, I suspect you are too. I believe in love the way most Melbournians believe in AFL. My work is fascinated with the exploration of it, chasing it into dark corners and hauling it into the golden afternoon light. A home and a family is the soft place to fall when you are spent and the safe space from which to reach into your dreams when you are inspired. I read books and poetry about these things, and ponder them on trams, and scribble about them into my own notebooks. I notice lovers in the street, heady and immune to us all, I notice small children dancing their way to everything (my feet aching every time to join in) and I smile back with my whole heart at babies who grin at me in cafes. I don't claim to have anything figured out (and anyway I believe in questions more than answers) but I am trying my best to live out my values in a way that is authentic and adventuresome, and just to walk as often as I can in the way of important and beautiful things, be they large or small.

I live in Melbourne's east, and also spend a lot of holiday and weekend time down on the Mornington Peninsula, and I am pretty 'Melbourne' in all the ways you'd expect; the coffee (3/4 skinny latte much?), the food, the family bike rides, the spoodle (OK, I'm a bit embarrassed about that last bit, but I really needed a dog that didn't shed on my sofa).

I shoot film not because it's cool but because it's more beautiful, and I've been photographing families professionally since 2008 (and lots of weddings for a quite a few years there), and empathise with all sorts of family dynamics. I have a great sense of humour and am really patient (with your kids, anyway).

I believe in the importance of family photography, and make sure I have my own family captured every year, so that I don't forget. My most recent family photos (above) are by American film photographer Yan Palmer.

I capture my own family all.the.time and I share those images, as well as client ones, over on my Instagram account:

Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale