Sarah Black Photography

Extended Family Photography

Sarah Black Photography Extended Family Photography in Melbourne at Portsea beach.jpg

Unlike lots of modern family photographers, I love to capture extended families, just as long your family is up for a relaxed and joyful experience. Because my own extended family is very close, I really get it. Although the style of my extended family photography is honestly a little more posey than my regular family photography, ‘cause that’s just what works, I’m still not really into stiff old-fashioned ‘everyone look at the camera and smile’ situations (although we can of course do a couple of those, I mean like, 2) but the rest of our session will be playful and aiming to capture all those other little-big connections that make up what is special about your family.

My photography sessions are always 1-2 hours regardless, so if you really just want one big extended family portrait print for the wall, I might not be the best photographer for your family, and if you’re not sure, feel free just to call and we can chat about what you need.

Pricing information for photography sessions can be found here.