Sarah Black Photography

What is Lifestyle Photography?

Never experienced any kind of family photo session before? Wondering what it might be like?

It's as simple and easy (and joyful) as an hour or two of simple family time, hanging out on the sofa (yours) or in your backyard, perhaps meandering up to a fave local haunt (for coffee or ice-creams, or walking the dog), or taking an afternoon to explore somewhere new and fascinating. Only difference is, that while I’m there with a camera or two, you don’t have to worry about being in charge because that will be my job (in the funnest possible way), and I take this ordinary afternoon (or morning, but tbh I’m more of an afternoon person) and turn into memory magic.

Take a look...

So, what about you?

I bet you are hilarious and gentle, intense and silly, boisterous and patient, but also sometimes tired, and busy, and not as gracious as you mean to be. I heart you on that. I bet your kids love you with everything they have. I'm pretty sure you'd rather hold that tiny faithful hand than any treasure I could name. I see, threaded through everything, the very un-ordinariness that brought you to this moment, that led you to feel that you have something worth remembering, and preserving….

And to that, I say a whole and open-hearted Yes.

Pricing information for photography sessions can be found here.