Sarah Black Photography

Melbourne Family Photography Album


-All my family and newborn photographs are captured on120mm and 35mm traditional analogue film, for a dreamy, timeless fine art look, exquisite colour and superior printing. Negatives are processed and scanned into digital negatives by Australia's premier film and print lab.

Storyteller:  60+ digital files/10 fine art 5x7in prints in leather wallet/$1600

Storyteller photography sessions last around 1.5 to 2 hours, at your home or any location you choose (I can help select somewhere perfect), to capture the essence of your family, and are suitable for family, newborn, maternity, babies, families with pets, or extended family.

Essentials: 20 files delivered via digital download/$1050

Essentials photography sessions last up to one hour, and are perfect for maternity sessions or families with 1 child.

Two Session Storyteller: Maternity + Newborn OR Newborn + Baby/90+ digital files/20 fine art prints in leather wallet/$2100

I am happy to answer any other questions you may have, so please get in touch…

Pay-it-forward: 50 digital files via digital download/ $0, by application (you can read more about who might qualify for these sessions by clicking here).

Why invest in family or newborn lifestyle photography?


What do you value most in the world?

Fashion? Coffee? Smashed avo breakfasts? Nike? Make-up and haircuts? Dinners out? Catching the latest Star Wars flick the minute it comes out at the cinema? The latest hand-held devices, obsolete almost as soon as we get them home?

Probably not. But stop and think for a second what you may have spent on those items over the last year or two.

Sobering, huh? And even more food for thought, how long does the enjoyment of those things, lovely as they are, last?

There is sometimes this misconception that photography, and particularly family photography, is expensive or frivolous, or a luxury item for those lucky few without mortgages and bills to pay. But the truth is, we choose what 'luxury' means to us, we choose what is most important to our own family. Advertisements are always telling us how we should spend our money, but if we really stop to think about what we value, might we choose differently? In situations that threaten their homes, most people seek first to save their photos, not their flat screen tv or other replaceable items that often cost as much, or more.

It's not what it costs that matters the most, although of course that matters; it's what that money will mean to us, long after it's spent.