Sarah Black Photography

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear?

Generally, I think you should dress like yourselves, rather than some ‘perfect’ family from Instagram. Creating family photographs is also making family memories, and so why not let your daughter wear her favourite skirt, so you can remember her passion for it for years to come!

I do usually suggest you shy away from black (I know this is hard for most Melbourne mums, and it’s especially important if we are inside), and AVOID 'words' or logos on tops, and keep everyone in the family to around a group of about 4 colours if you can. Small repetitive prints and patterns generally look fab, as do 'pop' colours in whatever shade you like. If you’re unsure, neutral tones always work well, OR tones that match the season that we are in (eg mustards and browns in autumn).

What is the difference between film and digital?

The only difference is in the look and feel of the images. After your session, I send the rolls of film to a professional development lab. After the film negatives are developed, they are scanned by the lab, and sent to me as digital negatives. From that point onwards they are just the same as the ones which are produced by any digital camera.

The reason that I use film is a simple one: I think that film images are so much more beautiful than digital ones.

Do you only shoot film?

Yes, I do! I photographed using digital equipment for years, and then returned to film, because I think it makes for more beautiful photographs, that just have an extra something (this is especially noticeable once you print them). Film also handles daytime lighting conditions much better, which means (unlike many photographers) I won’t insist on you dragging your family out at sunrise or sunset for that perfect golden light (unless you want to!). Don’t worry though, you won’t receive a bunch of weird old fashioned film sleeves, all my images are scanned into digital files exactly like those produced by a digital camera.

Can I purchase digital negatives?

Yes absolutely, most of my clients prefer to purchase digital negatives.

Having said that, I believe that the aim of family photography should be the creation of artwork that will give your family pleasure for years to come [a USB stuck in a drawer is not much of a family heirloom]. I can help you create custom art, such as framed prints or an album, from your session, but I do understand that many clients these days prefer simply to purchase digital negatives and make their own artwork, and that's great too.

I just want to make prints. What is the best way to print my images?

My images are best printed on archival fine art paper, such as Canson Photographique 310, by a professional lab. I can give a recommendation for this service, if you prefer to organise it yourself, or I can organise the printing for you via my easy-to-navigate online ordering system which connects directly to Australia’s finest print lab, once you have received your digital images.

How many images do I receive from my family session?

Most family or newborn sessions result in around 60-80 high quality professional images, but I don’t put an upper limit on your session.

What is lifestyle photography?

Lifestyle photography simply means natural, candid photography, which has not been overly posed. The idea is to capture a real sense of your family, rather than make you look like someone else, or to perform for the camera in an unnatural way.

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“Would you come to our home?”

Absolutely! Or anywhere else which is special to you. I love love in home photography, as it captures the time and feel of your lives right now, and makes for really rich memories. But I will just as happily come to your favourite park, or organise an adventure at a beach, cafe, or anywhere else you’d like to go. If you’re not sure, I have lots of suggestions.

Why do photographers always want to shoot at sunset?

Because the two hours before sunset have the loveliest golden light, and photographers (and clients!) love pretty light! That being said, during summer in Victoria, sunset can just be too late for many children. Because I shoot film, rather than digital, we can schedule your session at a time that suits your family, and still achieve beautiful family photographs at any location.

Do you photograph weddings?

I do still occasionally accept a wedding commission (I have 4 years of full time wedding photography experience). As I shoot on my own, and on beautiful film of course, I generally only offer to capture smaller less formal weddings, and usually only about 6 months in advance of your wedding date. I love to capture elopements too, so please get in touch if you’d like to know more or see samples of my wedding photography.